The Short Films

Over the last decade 12a Productions has worked on many projects. Some of our favorites are the short films that come about from Film Challenges like 48 Hour Film Project and Almost Famous Film Festival. We hope you enjoy watching these as much as we did creating them.

His love interest rarely gives him the time of day. For her it’s just a normal day at work. For him he just came off a weekend of contemplating between a gun or a knife. He fantasizes throughout the day sometimes about what he wants to say to her, sometimes an exceptionally fantastical way to impress her, and sometimes the fantasy in his head is showing just how lonely he feels.

July 2017 IFP Phoenix Film Challenge. Winner, 3rd Place, Best Editing, Best Actor.
Everyone has someone they want to impress. A small town shop owner gets fed up with the local Mafia and takes matters into his own hands. All the while his shop employee watches and learns from his Mentor.

November 2010 48 Hour Film Submission. Winner, Best Use of Genre (Film Noir)
Silent Mary was a lonely recluse who spent her days painting. Until an alien invasion got in the way of her and the one person she had interaction with – her UPS driver.

Winner 5th Place at the 48 Hour Film Challenge (IFPPHX) in 2010. Also Best Use of Every Genre. An award made just for us. You’ll see why when you watch.
He killed her husband years ago. Now he is renting a room in her house….but she doesn’t know!

Our submission to the Winter leg of the Arizona’s “Beat the Clock” 48 Hour Film Challenge, 2010. We were drawn for a Drama, which we chose to tell as a movie trailer.
Our first Musical Tragedy (but we still couldn’t resist throwing some humor it!). This is the tragic tale of a man who sacrificed everything for “everybody” and in turned ruined his life and hurt the ones who meant the most.

This was our submission to the November 48 Hour Film Challenge sponsored by IFP Phoenix and the Arizona Film Commission. We placed 4th overall and won Best Story.

We were drawn to do a musical or action, the line of dialogue was “I don’t think you’re supposed to do that” and the prop was a trophy. Enjoy!
Deep in the woods lies a campground for Serial Killers Annonymous. During a retreat for these recovering serial killers, people start to die. But who do you point the finger at when everyone is a self proclaimed killer?

48 Hour Film Festival entry – Phoenix, July 2009.
A Short comedy. What if your ex asked you to write a letter of recommendation, not for a job, but for her new potential boyfriend?
February is known to most as Valentines Day, but in the year 1912 it also became the day Arizona officially became a state of the union. In the days leading up to that date a unique love story occurred between a low class factory work and the daughter of a prominent business man. This is their story.