Jeff and Steve Laughing it UpWhat do you need to know about us?
12a Productions is continually evolving, growing and may never truly be finished. It’s beginnings date back to 1996 when Jeff and Steve first met on a church youth group trip to San Diego. The drive there, adventures on the beach and drive back grew a friendship that to this day goes on. An enjoyment and fondness for video editing, filming, improv and making people laugh.

Why 12a? The van they by chance got into was labelled ‘Van 12a’.
Their first meeting place.

12a Productions has been a collaboration of many people over the years. Nate DawgDavid / Re:Sound and Derek Carlson just to name a few.  Over the years through improv, family, friends and people volunteering when we said, “Hey we need someone willing to have a hatchet in their head for this movie.” we’ve grown into an awesome family today.


We spent a few years doing film challenges with IFP:PHX and the Beat The Clock Film Challenges. After a great run, including awards for Best Of, Writing, Editing and Directing we moved on.
We wrote a feature length screenplay based on the short ‘Camp Killnomore‘.

And created an entire web series based on the short ‘HOA Police’.

We recorded a podcast for 2 years talking about Film History, Streaming Movies & TV, and the things we love with the Four Eyed Radio Network.

Currently working on more short films, writing, and the future of 12a Productions.

We hope to make you laugh. And sometimes think. But mostly laugh. Enjoy.

3some(Pictured is Karly, Jeff & Steve the hosts of the 12a Podcast)